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Hamlet - Character Analysis and Relationships

Hamlet - Character Analysis and Relationships Hamlet is the despairing Prince of Denmark and lamenting child to the as of late expired King. On account of Shakespeare’s handy and mentally clever portrayal, Hamlet is currently viewed as the best emotional character at any point made. Villas Grief From our absolute first experience with Hamlet, he is devoured by melancholy and fixated by death. Despite the fact that he is wearing dark to imply his grieving, his feelings run further than his appearance or words can pass on. In Act 1, Scene 2, he says to his mom: ‘Tis not the only one my inky shroud, great mother,Nor standard suits of serious dark ...Together with all structures, states of mind, shows of griefThat can mean me really. These for sure ‘seem’,For they are activities that a man may play;But I include that inside which passeth show â€These however the trappings and the suits of misfortune. The profundity of Hamlet’s enthusiastic disturbance can be estimated against the cheerful dispositions showed by the remainder of the court. Hamlet is tormented to feel that everybody has figured out how to overlook his dad so rapidly †particularly his mom, Gertrude. Inside a month of her husband’s demise, Gertrude has hitched her brother by marriage. Hamlet can't understand his mother’s activities and believes them to be a demonstration of foul play. Hamlet and Claudius Hamlet admires his dad in death and portrays him as â€Å"so superb a king† in his â€Å"O this too strong substance would melt† discourse in Act 1, Scene 2. It is, along these lines, inconceivable for the new lord, Claudius, to satisfy Hamlet’s hopes. In a similar scene, he begs Hamlet to think upon him as a dad †a thought that assists Hamlet’s scorn: We supplicate you to toss to earthThis unprevailing hardship, and consider usAs of a dad At the point when the phantom uncovers that Claudius slaughtered the lord to take the seat, Hamlet pledges to vindicate his father’s murder. Be that as it may, Hamlet is genuinely disorientated and thinks that its hard to make a move. He can't adjust his staggering disdain for Claudius, his sweeping sadness and the malice required to complete his retribution. Hamlet’s frantic philosophizing drives him into an ethical oddity: that he should submit murder to retaliate for homicide. Hamlet’s demonstration of vengeance is definitely postponed in the midst of his passionate unrest. Hamlet After Exile We see an alternate Hamlet come back from banish in Act 5: his passionate unrest has been supplanted by viewpoint, and his nervousness supplanted by cool sanity. By the last scene, Hamlet has gone to the acknowledgment that murdering Claudius is his predetermination: Theres a godliness that shapes our ends,Rough-cut them how we will. Maybe Hamlet’s recently discovered trust in destiny is minimal in excess of a type of self-avocation; an approach to reasonably and ethically separation himself from the homicide he is going to submit. It is the unpredictability of Hamlet’s portrayal that has made him so persevering. Today, it is hard to acknowledge how progressive Shakespeare’s way to deal with Hamlet was on the grounds that his counterparts were all the while writing two-dimensional characters. Hamlet’s mental nuance developed in a period before the idea of brain research had been designed †a genuinely astounding accomplishment.

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Writing process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Creative cycle - Essay Example The understudies can peruse through books, diaries and site to discover satisfactory information as well as could be expected choices for the point. The understudy may concoct five potential points which is as yet subject for making it progressively explicit and restricted with the goal that paper will have center and focal theme.Topic development is a piece of this stage wherein the understudy has chosen for the principle subject, theory proclamation or focal topic for the paper. The theme sentence or proposal explanation must be planned. Understudy may likewise utilize free composition to bring down his own musings, thoughts and responses about the topic.Importance: This stage is significant for this upgrades the understudies' capacity to think of their put away information and practice their imaginative personalities with respect to composing. Beside this, this will likewise create dynamic abilities for the understudy will be the one to perceive the point which eventual benefits t hem and which they think generally about. It is vital for the understudy will have the option to measure the amount he knows the point and how much intrigue he has on his picked subject. Beside thinking of the theme, a diagram can likewise be produced.Drafting includes the exchange of thoughts from the pre composing segment to a conventional draft. Since the diagram has been produced using the pre composing area, it is the ideal opportunity for the understudy to orchestrate and structure his contention just as all the data he has explored. The presentation just as the end is figured at this stage. Refering to the references includes the utilization of composing styles, for example, Harvard style, MLA, APA or Chicago techniques. The note cards that were utilized during the pre composing area will be of incredible assistance here for it has all the insights about the distributions and materials that were utilized for the draft of the paper. The understudy should check if their educator determined the paper configuration or it is dependent upon them to choose which they find fitting. The in-text references can be appropriately positioned in the draft and once more, the note cards will be useful right now. Significance: The capacity to sort out all the assembled data into an organized, enlightening and elegantly composed paper will be improved and makes this stage fundamental. Literary theft is untouchable with regards to composing. The most ideal approach to show understudies how to keep this from happening is for them to figure out how to reword and utilize composing styles (APA, MLA, and so on.) just as in-text references. Altering Altering incorporates rehashing the draft intends to mind any syntactic blunders, spelling mistakes, reference oversights, adequacy of the sentences, utilization of advances, accentuations and passage structure just as to survey if the paper is composed so that it is lucid, reasonable and dynamic. It is additionally important to check if there are any substance issues and explanatory issues. Overhauling includes making the important changes in the wake of editing. Significance: These stages are fundamental to guarantee the great quality and viability of the paper. Criticism is fundamental from the teacher to advise that understudy how the paper bids to perusers. Reconsidering Reconsidering incorporates settling on choices abouthow the understudy wantstoimprovehis composing, seeing one's composition from an alternate perspective, picking places where one's composing could be more clear, all the more fascinating, progressively enlightening and all the more persuading. It is

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to thine own self be true: The Conflict between Son and Self in Hamlet :: Shakespeare, Hamlet

to thine own self be valid: The Conflict among Son and Self in Hamlet   â â A name is a significant part of an individual. It assists with characterizing who that individual is and what is essential to that individual. In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, the utilization of similar names for fathers and children makes a predicament that isn't effectively survived. Laertes doesn't have a similar name as his dad, however he is constrained by his dad no different. In addition to the fact that this rules apply to characters in the play, yet additionally to the play itself. Shakespeare's Hamlet was gone before by Thomas Kyd's play Ur-Hamlet and Shakespeare needed to strive to separate his play from the first. Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, shares his name with his dad, Hamlet, the previous King of Denmark. This sharing of names obscures the character of the Prince with the King. Since the King goes before the Prince, he can build up his own particular personality. He is a goodly lord (1.2.186), a respectable, courageous, and confident man. Consequently it falls on Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, to characterize himself past the bounds of his dad's name. Abraham Fraunce proposes the meaning of somebody comprises of two sections, the generall and the difference†¦ A man is a reasonable animal endued with reason, where reasonable animal is the generall, and endued with reason is the distinction (Qtd. in Calderwood 10). Hamlet is hereditarily identified with his dad similar to all children to their dads. In any case, Hamlet is significantly more firmly related because of their normal name. Hamlet likewise acquires the demonstration of obedient commitment when the phantom returns and reques ts retribution for his homicide. At the point when he vows to retaliate for his dad's demise, he is promising to give up his own character and to join with his dad not simply in name however in actional actuality (Calderwood 10). Hamlet embraces his dad's motivation to make his dad's foe his own foe, to expect his dad's thought processes, objectives, and torments is to receive his dad's character (Calderwood 10). Before the apparition's appearance Hamlet is starting to characterize himself as a distinctive individual rather than as the child of his dad. He has been away at school fashioning his own way throughout everyday life. At the point when his dad's phantom requests him to get vengeance on Claudius, Hamlet battles attempting to choose if he will play the job of child and mix with his dad or to turn into oneself and breakaway from his dad.

Deception Point Page 100 Free Essays

I attempted to support him, Pickering let himself know, reviewing all the harming proof he had sent Marjorie Tench. Tragically, Herney had taboo its utilization, leaving Pickering no decision yet to take extraordinary measures. â€Å"Rachel,† Pickering stated, â€Å"the data you just faxed off this boat is risky. We will compose a custom paper test on Misdirection Point Page 100 or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now You should get that. In the event that it gets out, the White House and NASA will look complicit. The reaction against the President and NASA will be gigantic. The President and NASA know nothing, Rachel. They are honest. They accept the shooting star is authentic.† Pickering had made an effort not to bring Herney or Ekstrom into the overlay in light of the fact that both were unreasonably optimistic to have consented to any misdirection, paying little mind to its capability to spare the administration or space office. Head Ekstrom’s just wrongdoing had been convincing the PODS strategic to lie about the inconsistency programming, a move Ekstrom no uncertainty lamented the second he understood how examined this specific shooting star would turn into. Marjorie Tench, baffled by Herney’s emphasis on battling a spotless crusade, planned with Ekstrom on the PODS lie, trusting a little PODS achievement may enable the President to fight off the rising Sexton tide. On the off chance that Tench had utilized the photographs and pay off information I gave her, none of this would have occurred! Tench’s homicide, however profoundly lamentable, had been foreordained when Rachel called Tench and made allegations of extortion. Pickering realized Tench would research mercilessly until she got to the base of Rachel’s intentions in the ludicrous cases, and this was one examination Pickering clearly would never let occur. Unexpectedly, Tench would serve her leader best in death, her brutal end helping concrete a compassion vote in favor of the White House just as cast obscure doubts of unfairness on a frantic Sexton crusade which had been so openly embarrassed by Marjorie Tench on CNN. Rachel held fast, scowling at her chief. â€Å"Understand,† Pickering stated, â€Å"if updates on this shooting star misrepresentation gets out, you will devastate an honest president and a blameless space office. You will likewise place an extremely risky man in the Oval Office. I have to know where you faxed the data.† As he expressed those words, an odd look ran over Rachel’s face. It was the tormented articulation of ghastliness of somebody who had recently acknowledged they may have committed a grave error. Having orbited the bow and returned the port side, Delta-One presently remained in the hydrolab from which he had seen Rachel rise as the chopper had flown in. A PC in the lab showed an agitating picture a polychromatic rendering of the throbbing, deepwater vortex that was clearly floating over the sea depths some place underneath the Goya. Another motivation to get the damnation out of here, he thought, pushing now toward his objective. The fax machine was on a counter on the most distant side of the divider. The plate was loaded up with a pile of papers, precisely as Pickering had gotten it would be. Delta-One got the stack. A note from Rachel was on top. Just two lines. He read it. To the point, he thought. As he flipped through the pages, he was both astonished and unnerved by the degree to which Tolland and Rachel had revealed the shooting star trickery. Whoever saw these printouts would have most likely what they implied. Luckily, Delta-One would not have to hit â€Å"redial† to discover where the printouts had gone. The last fax number was still shown in the LCD window. A Washington, D.C., prefix. He deliberately replicated the fax number down, got all the papers, and left the lab. Tolland’s hands felt sweat-soaked on the assault rifle as he held it, pointing the gag at William Pickering’s chest. The NRO chief was all the while compelling Rachel to reveal to him where the information had been sent, and Tolland was beginning to get the uncomfortable inclination that Pickering was basically attempting to purchase time. For what? â€Å"The White House and NASA are innocent,† Pickering rehashed. â€Å"Work with me. Don’t let my mix-ups obliterate what little believability NASA has left. NASA will look blameworthy if this gets out. You and I can go to a course of action. The nation needs this shooting star. Disclose to me where you faxed the information before it’s too late.† â€Å"So you can execute somebody else?† Rachel said. â€Å"You make me sick.† Tolland was flabbergasted with Rachel’s mettle. She detested her dad, yet she unmistakably had no goal of placing the congressperson in any peril at all. Lamentably, Rachel’s plan to fax her dad for help had exploded backward. Regardless of whether the congressperson came into his office, saw the fax, and called the President with updates on the shooting star misrepresentation and berated him to call the assault, no one at the White House would have any thought what Sexton was discussing, or even where they were. â€Å"I will just say this one more time,† Pickering stated, fixing Rachel with a threatening glare. â€Å"This circumstance is unreasonably perplexing for you to completely comprehend. You’ve committed a gigantic error by sending that information off this boat. You’ve put your nation at risk.† William Pickering was without a doubt purchasing time, Tolland now figured it out. What's more, the explanation was striding serenely toward them up the starboard side of the pontoon. Tolland felt a blaze of dread when he saw the fighter walking toward them conveying a heap of papers and an automatic rifle. Tolland responded with a conclusiveness that stunned even himself. Grasping the assault rifle, he wheeled, focused on the officer, and pulled the trigger. The weapon made a harmless snap. â€Å"I found the fax number,† the officer stated, giving Pickering a piece of paper. â€Å"And Mr. Tolland is out of ammunition.† 124 Sedgewick Sexton raged up the foyer of the Philip A. Hart Senate Office Building. He had no clue about how Gabrielle had done it, however she had clearly gotten into his office. While they were talking on the telephone, Sexton had plainly heard the particular triple-snap of his Jourdain check out of sight. Everything he could envision was that Gabrielle’s listening in on the SFF meeting had sabotaged her trust in him and she had gone burrowing for proof. How the damnation did she get into my office! Sexton was happy he’d changed his PC secret phrase. At the point when he showed up at his private office, Sexton composed in his code to deactivate the caution. At that point he bumbled for his keys, opened the substantial entryways, opened them up, and burst in, goal on getting Gabrielle in the demonstration. However, the workplace was unfilled and dull, lit uniquely by the shine of his PC screensaver. He turned on the lights, his eyes checking. Everything glanced set up. Dead quiet aside from the triple-tick of his clock. Where the damnation right? He heard something stir in his private restroom and hustled over, turning on the light. The restroom was vacant. He looked behind the entryway. Nothing. Perplexed, Sexton peered toward himself in the mirror, thinking about whether he’d had a lot to drink this evening. I heard something. Feeling bewildered and befuddled, he strolled once again into his office. â€Å"Gabrielle?† he got out. He went a few doors down to her office. She wasn’t there. Her office was dim. A can flushed in the ladies’ room, and Sexton spun, striding now back toward the bathrooms. He showed up similarly as Gabrielle was leaving, drying her hands. She bounced when she saw him. â€Å"My God! You terrified me!† she stated, looking really startled. â€Å"What are you doing here?† â€Å"You said you were getting NASA archives from your office,† he announced, peering toward her unfilled hands. â€Å"Where are they?† â€Å"I couldn’t discover them. I looked all over the place. That’s what took so long.† He gazed straightforwardly at her. â€Å"Were you in my office?† I owe my life to his fax machine, Gabrielle thought. Just minutes back she’d been sitting at Sexton’s PC, attempting to make printouts of the pictures of illicit minds his PC. The documents were secured some way or another, and she was going to require more opportunity to make sense of how to print them. She would most likely despite everything be attempting at this moment if Sexton’s fax machine had not rung, frightening her and snapping her back to the real world. Gabrielle accepting it as her signal to get out. Without setting aside some effort to perceive what the approaching fax was, she logged off Sexton’s PC, cleaned up, and took off the manner in which she had come. She was simply moving out of Sexton’s restroom when she heard him coming in. The most effective method to refer to Deception Point Page 100, Essay models

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My Philosophy of Teaching :: Philosophy of Education Teachers Essays

My Philosophy of Teaching I had a closest companion in secondary school that had a handicap. Her handicap never eased back her down. She played softball and went for the b-ball group. She roused me. I know kids with handicaps can lead a fun and typical life. With a romantic attitude I decided to educate, so I could show youngsters, crippled or not, what an extraordinary effect they can have on the world. The study hall is the place this acknowledgment for the kids starts. My homeroom won't be mine as it were. I need the youngsters to have a feeling of responsibility for homeroom moreover. The seating will be round with my work area as a piece of the circle. Release sheets will be set up with works the youngsters have done, exploratory material, and brainteasers. The notice sheets will permit the youngsters to try different things with new thoughts and make their own inferences. We will have ventures and materials that push the youngsters to think, yet leave enough space for them to shape their own assessments. The youngsters should have the option to spread the wings of their mind and have options by they way we compose and run our study hall. By having a non-dictator study hall we have space for a majority rule government. The kids can enable me to choose what rules will keep the study hall systematic and what disciplines are suitable for defying these guidelines. In the event that they make the discipline, it will be increasingly hard for them to fight when they are being rebuffed. The understudies would have proprietorship in the study hall. To keep my understudies from disrupting the guidelines, I intend to spur them utilizing an assortment of methods. For instance, I would give stickers for passing marks, a book for a month of passing marks, and leisure time to watch a film as a prize for good conduct all month. For their numerous day by day achievements, I would constantly offer them verbal commendations and applause. I intend to convey this consolation into my study hall. I’m going to educate in a way where the kids can test the thoughts and techniques that I’m illustrating.

Compare Microsoft and VMWare for virtual computing Essay Example for Free

Think about Microsoft and VMWare for virtual processing Essay There are two kinds of firewalls, there is the in-bound firewall that ensures against everything that come into your PC. At that point there is the two-way firewall. With this firewall it secures both inbound and outbound dangers. This sort is utilized regularly nowadays. Numerous PC just have a single direction firewall, however a significant number of them like Zone caution are two way firewalls. Firewalls are utilized to square or acknowledge data into your PC that isn't a risk. It will either send it to where it should be or it will square it if the capability of the document is threatening to your gadget. A sort of firewall is your essential McAfee, which works with Microsoft Corporation on your fundamental PC it is a program that is as of now introduced into your gadget. It is an infection defender that works with your PCs previously introduced firewall to keep out and potential unsafe infections or dangers to your PC. You can do fundamental setting for the firewall or you can put it exactly as you would prefer to ensure no kind of dangers can enter your PC. With the security of a PC it can get very convoluting. You need to ensure you know about what you are utilizing and how it works in your framework. In today’s society there are a million enemy of infection programming programs. A considerable lot of them have free forms and some simply have trail adaptations you can test drive before purchasing the full form. McAfee and Norton have trail variants you can test before getting the full form. With Panda, AVG, and other enemy of infection programs they have a free form and full redesigned variant you can utilize. With regards to infections and the sorts that get put onto your PC there are a large number of them. For instance: the Trojan Horse, it is placed into your PC by saying it is useful for record changing over or wiping a framework out, when it is truly placing awful projects into your PC alongside spyware and other possibly unsafe projects. Much the same as when you go into your email and you see an email with a dubious name, you click it and it naturally downloads something into your PC and you PCs begins to glitch. At the point when it does this it is on the grounds that the documents that were put on your PC are fundamentally gobbling up you memory. It is critical to keep your PCs malware and against infection programs exceptional to forestall any kind of program getting into your framework. At the point when you back up a framework you have various sorts of reinforcements you can utilize. For cases you have your full back up which is the place you can back up the entirety of your data onto a DVD-R or DVD-RW, so you can recuperate your framework sometime in the future is it crashes or is lost. You ought to likewise take a gander at your back up plates intermittently to ensure they are in acceptable structure if necessary to be utilized. You likewise have your respectful back up is the place you can choose certain things to back up and steady back up is the place your PC sets up a specific time after you have put such a great amount into your framework to back it up for sometime in the future if necessary. Inquiring up circles are critical to check also to ensure that they can be utilized on what's to come. Additionally it is extremely essential to consume your documents to a circle not on your hard drive on the off chance that they are lost or harmed. Five passwords that are acceptable to use in the method for recalling and utilizing are, â€Å"Bab1eg1r!†, â€Å"Crazy8ight$†, â€Å"GoP!a1†, or â€Å"Playf00!† They can be utilized to help ensure your passwords by supplanting a letter by a number and promoting a portion of different letters that you decide to use, alongside utilizing images or some likeness thereof. Another method for utilizing passwords is utilizing film titles and shorting them to recollect for example, the day I left your mom to make our adoration more grounded could be abbreviated by utilizing the main letters of each word this way, â€Å"Tdilymtmols.† Also I can tally the manners in which I love you, â€Å"Icctwily.† Many occasions the world went around, â€Å"mttwwa†. Nectar I contracted the kids,†Histk†. I love the manner in which you love me, â€Å"iltwylm.† Many of my passwords were exceptionally solid in the part of how I thought of them. Passwords are significant and they have a decent use to them. To keep individuals out of your framework and secure you data just as personality you truly need to pick admirably and cautiously on what ones you use.

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A Study of Apple Inc. Essay - 3300 Words

A Study of Apple Inc. (Thesis Sample) Content: The Impact of Mobile Marketing on Brand Image and Consumer Purchasing Behavior: A Study of Apple Inc.[Name of the student][Name of the institution] 1 Introduction 1 Research BackgroundMobile marketing is emerging as an important channel for marketing communication channel that is drawing huge attention from both consumers and marketers. The mobile phones have become an important marketing platform as it provides opportunity to marketers because of its connectivity with other devices. The International Telecommunications Union surveyed that mobile phone stand 6 billion across the world in which 1 billion are smart phones and remaining are feature phones (Masika, 2013). There are several marketing communication mediums in mobile phones including mobile messaging, search, video and display. However, mobile messaging has drawn significant attention from the marketers for marketing and promoting products. The main channel used in mobile messaging is Short Message Service (SMS); this application allows the users to send text messages of 160 characters. This application is commonly known as texting which has become the most popular app till date (Salo et al., 2008).Metric (2009) conducted a survey and found that the percentage of mobile users receiving promotional SMS reached to 100% in 2007. This percentage of SMS receivers was supported by the survey of International Telecommunication Union that sent text messages have reached to 6.1 trillion and around 600,000 messages are sent per second. It is because of the penetration of mobile phones (Masika, 2013). However, the effectiveness of mobile marketing is unclear because of the fact that advertisers use this push marketing strategy because of convenience without considering the consumer consent. The marketers are investigating the potential of mobile marketing in both non-permission and permission scenarios.This research is based on knowing the brand value affected by mobile marketing as branding or creating brand differentiation is important for businesses to maintain and sustain their competitive advantage in the market. There are many constructs of branding that have been studied by scholars relating to brand equity, brand personality, brand community, brand association, and brand trust (Thomson et al., 2005; Aggarwal, 2004). These authors suggested that people are making relationship with the brand, the way they are making relationships with other people in social context. Because of the perfectly competitive market, brand personality is differentiating and attaining an edge over competitors and positioning as strong brand in the mind of consumers which would not have been possible if branding has not been implemented effectively.Attributes of product are functional but brand personality is a symbolic expression that influences the preference of consumers and builds emotional knot between brand and consumer through trust and attachment. Marketers are adapting technological advancements and innovative ways to communicate with customers. The notion of one-to-one marketing has shifted the curve from mass marketing. The focus is now towards an interactive, personalized and immediate way in which customers are communicated individually. This influence of personalized marketing is shaping the marketing strategies of companies and offering them new marketing channels. Ion In this modern age of technology, people use user-friendly products that are easy to use anytime anywhere. Similarly, wireless mobile communication technology is on the rise as this technology allows the easy communication anytime anywhere. This gives an opportunity to reach to consumers in shortest possible time in an interactive and personalized way (Heinonen and Strandvik, 2003). The mobile marketing campaigns make a relationship with the customers and develop a desire in them and urge them to buy products after receiving a short message. This marketing tactic influences the buying decis ion of consumers as marketers use push marketing strategy in form of texts messages sent to customers. This study focuses on the use of mobile marketing and its relationship with brand value which is shaped by the purchasing decision of consumers. 2 Organization BackgroundApple Inc. is an American multinational company that was established in 1976 located in California. It produces and sells hardware and software and other consumer electronics. It started selling personal computers and released Macintosh computer in1984. It announced iPod in 2001. It is a portable music player which was a successful product. It continued releasing innovative and revolutionary products. Some of its successful line of innovative products includes iTunes in 2003, iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010. It is currently operating in eight segments consisting: desktop, iPad, iPhone, iPod, portables, software, hardware and other music products. The most recognizable products of Apple today are iPhone, iPod, iPad , desktop and notebook (Schwartz, 2012).The iPhone released in 2007 has gone under 8 iterations and the latest iPhone is iPhone6. It is major revenue driver for Apple generating more the 50% of revenue in 2012. iPad was released in 2010 and has gone 5 iterations. The revenue from this segment was 21% of the total revenue in 2012. The Mac segment is made by desktops and portables. Desktop consist Mac Pro, Mac Mini and iMac and portables consist MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It generated 15% revenue of the total revenue in 2012. The iPod is a music player introduced in 2001 consisting product line of iPod touch, iPod Nano, iPod shuffle and iPod classic. It generated 4% revenue of the total revenue in 2012 (Schwartz, 2012). 3 Rationale for Chosen TopicThe growth of mobile advertising has opened a new area of research. Consumers exploit the brand image to maintain their identity. The pivotal role of mobile media in accelerating the brand image and product development has been widely reco gnized. Little researches have been carried out to know the value of branding image and its influence on consumersà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ behavior and decision making process. The present study aimed to establish the brand image and consumer relationships.1.4 Problem StatementMobile marketing is providing advertisers an ability of enhancing customer exposure to a brand and increasing the customer awareness by giving value to customers in a personalized manner. SMS marketing is a push marketing strategy that assures high customer exposure as messages directly reach to customers creating a strong brand connection. After the messages are reached to customers, they are stored in the Inbox and customers can read those messages again at their convenience. As messages do not have a subject line so people will surely open these messages again before deleting them, assuring twice to thrice customer exposure. Mobile marketing is the viral effect also despite of creating brand awareness only. Doyle (2001) stated that forwarding messages is a common practice as it is easy and cheap.Business Intelligence quoted that customers spend around 10% of their media time on mobile devices whereas only 1% of total advertisement spending is spent on mobile marketing in United States. People spend 43% of time on television whereas 42% of the advertisement spending is on this medium. Consumers spend 15% of their time on radio whereas marketing expenditure is 11% on ads. Consumers spend 7% of their time on newspapers and total spend on ads is 25% (Masika, 2013). These statistics show that there is a huge difference in the amount spent on mobile marketing medium and time spent by consumers on mobile phones. It shows a gap that can be tapped by marketers for investing sufficient resources to build brand recognition and brand value.There is a limited understanding of the influence of mobile marketing on brand value and customer decision making regardless of growing literature in this context. Many res earchers have worked on the attitude of customers towards mobile marketing and their adoption of mobile services (Kim and Kim, 2004). Other researchers conducted on the relationship between SMS advertising and branding did not produce conclusive results and strong theoretical background. To fill this gap and overcoming this backdrop, this study explores the impact of mobile marketing on the brand value and consumer buying behavior. This research examines that how SMS advertising medium is increasing brand value of Apple Inc. 1 Purpose of StudyThis study can add additional knowledge to the marketers that how mobile marketing is influencing brand image. It gives an exponential growth and builds the confidence of marketers to practice mobile marketing. This study can propel the mobile industry to formulate effective marketing strategies and pushing academic institutions to add this context in the marketing communications syllabus. Scholars, practitioners and other researchers may ident ify further research areas. It can be used as a source of reference for future studies. This study can also be used to build further relationship of mobile marketing with different marketing dimensions. Findings can be useful to government for formulating policies regarding the use of mobile devices and mobile advertisement. 2 Research QuestionsThis study entails following research questions: * How marketers are using mobile marketing to reach to the target market for enhancing brand image? * How consumer buying behavior is affected by SMS advertising? 3 Research ObjectivesFollowing are the research objectives designed for this study: * To identify the relationship between mobile marketing and brand image * To determine the impact of mobile marketing on the consumer buying behavior * To examine the value and image of brand perceived by customers through mobile marketing and its influence on their behavior patter...